This winery is a personal creation of Andreas Chrysanthou. He built it with his hands in a completely traditional way. The walls are made with stones and plithari. The roof is made with thick rod pine wood (volitzia). Inside you find two large and two small pithari (pots) and a big glass jar. These vessels are coming from his grandfathers.

Andreas bought two large copper vessels, one for boiling the juice of grapes (chartzi) and the second for distilling (kazani) grapes spirit (zivania). He bought also a traditional machine to crash the grapes. Smaller traditional objects (baskets, small jars etc) complete the necessary equipment of the cellar.


Andreas is preparing here, from Cyprus varieties and traditionally, its wines: Xynisteri from white grapes, Village wine (red dry) from black grapes and maratheftiko (Pampakas) from special grapes. Its wines are characterized by softness, unique taste and aroma. Andreas is proud especially for its Pampakas, a rare wine with excellent color and flavor.

Andreas after taking the wnies from the crashed grapes distile the remainings and produce his 21 degrees zivania  (it contains 54% spirit). Very strong indeed! But it is a special warming liquid in winter for the villagers in a high of 1000m! Despite its strength is distinct in flavor, soft and free from harmful wood alcohol, thanks to scientific knowledge of Andreas (teacher of physics and chemistry).


Part of the winer remainings are left in the jar for several days and this produce high quality vinegar.

Andeas’s wife, Flora, boiling the  fresh juice of the grapes in the kazani, makes  epsima (grapes honey), or soutzioukkos if she add in it flour.
Flora produce from zivania several kinds of liqueur: grape, cherry, etc.


                            Vintage    Sioutzioukos


The cellar is located in the countryard of the house the couple Andreas and Flora Chrysanthou in Spilia. It is part of the Vine Park, which the pair creates.