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The "gods's wine"!
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Cyprus is the island of Afrodite. Its also the island of wine. Dias (Zeus), the God of Greek gods used to order Ganymides, his personal servant: “Ganymides, I want to enjoy today. So fly immediately to Cyprus and bring me an amfora of  its marvelous wine!”

According to local mythology, because of his love on Cyprus wine, Dias use to visit the iland and stay a few weeks especially in regions producing wine. Such a region was the Kingdom o Soloi. Up to date there stands a peak o mountain called "moutti tou Thkia" (peak of Dias) near Agios Theodoros village! Today the only village in this region wich still produces wine is Spilia!!

So in Cyprus we know very well how to make “gods’s” wine. Its our older job! In Spilia village we know better than every one how to make “village wine”.



Ganymides serving wine to Zeus


Village wine is manufactured from black local grapes of Spilia village at 1000m altitude, on Troodos mountains. We crash the grapes into big clay jars (pithos). Then  we allow the mixture to ferment for 15 days. In four days we remove the stovers in order to take tasty but not harsh tasting ςινε. In 15 days glucose is converted into alcohol, which dissolves the color and flavors of black grapes. From the rich mixture formed we take the first wine. The remainings in the jar are used to take (by distilation) “zivania” our traditional strong   alcoholic drink.

We put the first wine in small glass jars and on week later we tranfuse it through cloth filters in other jars. This second wine is most clear than the first one. We repeaτ this work one week later to take the trird wine, surely most clear. We put it into stainless barrels and allow it here for at least one month.  At the end our final wine is very clear, with excelent color, flovour and taste!

At the end we pack it in bottles without dissolving sulfites, which causes headache next day after drinking wine.

All we have said have their details and their interesting secrets. Let us tell them during your visit in our traditional and biological winery. During your visit you are free to taste our “village wine”, which, I believe,  was Zeus’s special wine! .