"White" wine


The Aphrodite's wine!


Xinisteri grapes



Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite and wine. Aphrodite was born in Paphos the western part of Cyprus. Paphos, Limassol and Troodos ware full of vineyards. A kind of vine especially grown in Troodos was and still is growing up is Xinisteri, the grapes of which are blond, very beautiful, flavoring and excellent in taste. From these grapes ancient Cypriots were making the Xinisteri wine.


In our region, the ancient Soloi Kingdom, Afrodite was usually called Morfo, a name coming from the greek word "omorfi" wich means beautiful. This is why the bigger village (or small town) in our region is called Morfou. The most famous statue of Aphrodite was found in our region and was called Aphrodite of Soloi. You can visit it in Cyprus Antique Museum in Nicosia.


Adonis a demigod of ancient Greeks was spending a part of his live in Cyprus, because of the most beautiful godness Aphrodite and the various local wines. He was especially exited from  Xinisteri unique benefits. This wine chose to serve Aphrodite when he med her in the north of Paphos in Smegies (unification) location. Aphrodite liked very much Xinisteri and drank a lot. So lot that she fell into Adonis arms and…

Since these times Xinisteri is the wine that women like better than any other



Aphrodite (Motfo) and Adonis


Xinisteri wine is still produced in Spilia village, in the heard of Troodos mountains, with traditional methods coming from the period Aphrodite was worshiped  in Cyprus! This is the reason we have named our xinisteri wine "Morfo"! In the altitude of 1000m, were we have our vineyards, Xinisteri grapes are full of flavors, because of not high temperatures and the soil components. These are the reasons why our Xinisteri wine is so tasty.


The manufacture of Xinisteri wine is the same as Village wine, but the time required is nearly twice.