The monastery of



This monastery is located at Kourdali. It was established in the 16th century and has been declared as an ancient monument.  Nowadays the only building still standing is its church, which is the largest and most picturesque one of the ancient churches of the Solea region. In 2006, the Holy Synod decided to re-establish this Monastery. Since the middle of 2005, the first nun has already settled at Kourdali.

A committee has been working for the re-establishment of the monastery, having members from both Solea and Pitsilia. The existing buildings of the old school and coffe shop, have already been converted into a hospice and cell for the nun. A new large kitchen and a second cell have built. In a remarkable way, the settling of sister Isidora in them coincided with the holiday of Agios Isidoros on the 4th of February 2007. The expansion of the monastery is planned so that it will be able to accept more sisters.

This monastery is the only living monastery in the regions of Solea and Pitsilia. A monastery ritual is already followed during the mass that take place both here as well as at the neighbouring-brothering village Spilia, something that attracts many loyal Christians. On the 15th of August, the Monastery’s celebrating day, a lot of people visit the Monastery.

The monastery is located at a remarkable natural environment. A small river with a Venetian bridge, walnut trees, olive tress and a thick cluster of pine trees constitute a dream-like scenery.

Many resort to the grace of Virgin Mary for their problems or they choose it for their children’s christenings. Sister Isidora is always willing to help the loyal Christians. Telephone 22922212 or 99770592.


Andreas Chrysanthou