The museum of shoemaker
Spilia - Cyprus

The museum of shoe-maker Christos Chrysanthou is found in the village of Spilia, situated in Nicosia District. Inspired and developed by Andreas Chrysanthou, in memory of his father, it was opened to the public in 2007. The museum is built in the basement of his house which was declared as a national treasure and is situated in the centre of the village.


                            House-1  Cristos


In the middle of the museum we can see the shoe-maker’s bench, built in 1920, with all the tools of everyday use for the job. Next to the bench there are two Singer machines for sewing shoes, bought in 1930. On the wall hang the shoe moulds, the leathers and the shoes. On a table built in 1926 we can see books with customers’ debts dating back to 1933.


                              Machines-1   Verese-1


On top of the shelves stand the night lamp (lux), various tools as well as photos of well known people of his days. After 1970 the shoe-makers gradually abandoned the profession because it was taken over by industry manufacturers. Christos practiced this profession until 1995.



In one corner of the museum we can see some of Christos’ other skills: the number one dancer in the whole of Solia area, the famous hunter and the great farmer whose life span throughout the 20th century since he died at the age of 101!


Christos Chrysanthou