Spilia village
Nicosia dintrict

Troodos mountains


01 Amygdalies

Suitable for groups of 6-10 persons

The house of Eftychia has the name of our beloved teacher and divine Eftychia Kasinou. Eftychia convinced us to buy this place.Here we have built Efychia’s house  and Flora’s house over it.
Eftychia consists of five large rooms, terraces and courtyard around
It has a mixture of traditional and electric heating. Electric in the bedrooms and hallway, electric and fireplaces in other rooms.

Our aunt taught us to love Greece.

So we named the three bedrooms of the house with ancient Greek goddess’s names
Hera, the largest, with a double bed (extra large)
Artemis with two beds  (semilarge)

Demeter with a double bed (extra large).

Two single beds can be served.

Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3
                   Hera                   Artemis                Demeter


The lounge, Kasinos, has the elegance and warmth of our welcoming grandfather.
It's a huge room with fireplace, comfortable seating around it and a large table in the opposite site. Beatiful  lightings and paintings, complete a classic environment where friends can spend wonderful meetings.

Salon 2
Salon 3
Salon 4



Our kitchen, Hestia, is modern and classical together.
It is fully equipped. with  modern  devices.
A metal fireplace stands in the middle of it. The decoration has the flavor of the village.

Kitchen 3 Kitchen 2 Kitchen 1


Eftychia has:
one toilet
one bathroom with toilet.
two independent basins

it is connected with solar and electric heating


Eftychia has two covered and one uncovered terrace.
The first covered (16sqm) is out of the kitchen and is unified with the courtyard..
The second covered (10sqm) is outside the bedrooms and is connected with the uncovered (14tm) one. All terraces have unobstructed views of the verdant surroundings.

Veranta 1 Veranta 2



Eftychia is surrounded by a huge yard.
In the courtyard enjoy the traditional trees with benches in the shade, or visit the kazani, oven, winery and other interesting places.
Around the courtyard there is a traditional vineyard. There are also traditional perivoli with local trees. You can visit all them and participate in agricultural activities of the owners.

02 Panoukla
03 Fournos
04 Winery
05 Kazani


06 Dakrya
07 Paionia
09 Xystarka
08 Agriokoukia


Around the house exists a beautiful forest with quiet streets and benches. Ideal environment for a walk. You can find interestings in your walk with the first and closest the "Tomb of the plague," a strange construction of nature with an interesting legend. At a distance of five hundred meters there is a crossroad  "Moutti tis Choras" which is the starting point of many nature trails. Do not miss a stroll in the village. You can see a lot of interesting places. .


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