Our village

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Spilia                                                             Kourdali

Spilia is the village with the highest elevation in Solea, 1050m. The village is surrounded by mountains like a cup. “Spilia” in greek means cave.


Located in the heart of the Forest “Adelfoi” is one of the most green villages in Cyprus.. Two rivers have their springs here: Atsas and Klarios. In the forest that surrounds dominate the national tree of Cyprus (pine) and the national shrup (latzia), a kind of small oak.


Our valleys are full of walnuts and our national flower (cyclamen). In Spilia one meets many of the 127 endemic plants of Cyprus. In the nearby mountains eight nature trails leading to spectacular scenery and unique historic sites.

The history of Spilia starts from Roman times (in 1950 Roman tombs were found here), continues with settlements in the mountains and valleys, the main of wich is his brother village Kourdali. In Kourdali the old monastery of Virgin Mary (16th century) is still working.


The story was marked in recent years with the construction of the church of St. Anthony in 1850 and continued with the significant involvement in both world wars. The highlight is the participation in the struggle of EOKA against British law on 1955-59

Spilia and Kourdali the history and tradition, the fantastic environment and wonderful climate, traditional houses and the many religious and cultural events throughout the year, make them an interesting tourist destination.